Amethyst Crystal Healing Properties | The Stone Of Clarity

Amethyst Crystal Healing Properties

Amethyst crystal healing properties are extremely powerful.

This is your protection stone that will guard against psychic attack and will translate that energy into love.

It was traditionally worn to ward off drunkeness and has a subtle sobering effect which will help with any over indulgences or addictions you may be struggling with.

It will calm and stimulate your mind depending on what’s needed in each situation and assists with deep meditation and will have you feeling less scattered, more focused and in control of your life and environment.

Amethyst assists in decision making and can help calm an overactive mind which can induce insomnia.

This stone will enhance your memory, improve your motivation and will balance out your emotional highs and lows while preventing negative thoughts and emotions.

Basically, this stone kicks ass when it comes to keeping your shit together and wll bring you much needed peace, harmony and balance.